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Real Food – A Series About Where Your Food Comes From

How much do you know about what you’re eating? We’ve got a new feature we call Real Food. Throughout this series we look at all kinds of “real” food – i.e., where it comes from, how it’s made, and what’s in it.

Primarily, this series focuses on unprocessed or minimally processed foods with a good nutritional profile. First, we talked with farmers, companies, and restaurants that are working hard to make sure the highest quality items make it on to your plate. Second, we learned as much as we could about how each item gets from the farm to your table. Finally, we learned about how to make better choices at the supermarket.

real food

So sit back with a handful of fruits and veggies, and get ready to learn about everything you want to eat. You might even discover something new that’s healthy, responsibly made, and tasty too.

The Foraging Experience

Winter Salad Bowl

California Avocados

Theo Chocolate

Honey and Urban Beekeeping

Olive Oil and Olive Farming

Peach Picking and Packing

Blueberry Picking and Packing

The Cranberry Harvest

The Idaho Potato Harvest

Goat Cheese

Desert Farming of Citrus, Dates, and Peppers

Organic Farming

Strawberry Farming

Rice Farming

Got more suggestions of farms or factories for us to visit? Let us know!

Last but not least, if you want to see it on Pinterest, visit our Real Food or Great Food Stories boards.









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