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Cut pieces of heirloom tomato tart and a hand reaching for a piece.

Easy Heirloom Tomato Tart with Pesto

One of the great joys of summer is heirloom tomatoes, and with that joy is heirloom tomato tart. It’s a way to showcase the some of the most colorful produce of the summer in a crowd-pleasing way. Plus, you can enjoy it however you like it. Do you serve it warm? Sure. Do you serve […]

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Round Pineberry Tart

Pineberries 101: All About These Pretty White Strawberries

What do we have here… White strawberries? Basically, yes! They’re called pineberries – a pink/white strawberry cultivar with red seeds. They have a creamy-white interior with a soft texture and the slightest tropical flavor, as if a pineapple met a pear. And most importantly – they’re super-delicious. What is a Pineberry? One of the first […]

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Chocolate chip bars baked in a skillet.

Skillet Chocolate Chip Bars Recipe

It’s time for one of the universe’s most beloved desserts of all time (well, ours at least): Skillet Chocolate Chip Bars. Fact: If we are in the same room as these chocolate chip bars, we are unable to resist them, no matter what the time of day. Why? They’re deliciously chewy and the perfect combination […]

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Philly tomato pie in a pan with olive oil, flour, and pizza cutter.

Philly Tomato Pie Recipe

When we say we have a hankering for tomato pie, you need to know that we’re talking about Philly tomato pie, not Southern tomato pie. What’s the difference? A Southern tomato pie is made in a round pan with a regular pie crust and tomatoes inside. Philly tomato pie isn’t really a pie; it’s more […]

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Vegan carrot cake with a slice out of it.

Easy Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe

Do you need a spring-like cake to satisfy everyone? This Easy Vegan Carrot Cake is irresistibly delicious and it ranks up there with just about any non-vegan carrot cake we’ve tasted.   This cake is inspired by a recipe we found in a grocery store flyer from the grocery store Lidl. (Lidl, originally founded in […]

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Sarcone's tomato pie in pan.

A Philly Tomato Pie Tour

We’ve been working on a recipe for Philly tomato pie, which means that of course we needed to take a tomato pie tour. When we talk about tomato pie, you need to know that we’re talking about Philly tomato pie, not Southern tomato pie. What’s the difference? Philadelphia’s classic tomato pie is a delicious thick […]

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baked orange olive oil cake.

Orange Olive Oil Cake (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) Recipe

It’s that time of year when citrus is plentiful and you NEED to make this Orange Olive Oil Cake. This cake is a little different than some cakes in that it uses whole oranges that are pureed, peel and all. But what better way to make use of all of the flavorful parts of the […]

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