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beet soup

Beet Soup – Super-Easy and Super-Tasty

Roses? Rubies? If you want to show Mom some truly brilliant shades of red and pink for Mother’s Day, serve her a beautiful beet soup. That’s right, beets. Even though we live on a different coast from our mom, we know she’d love this brightly hued beet soup. It’s super-easy and super-tasty – simple enough […]

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orange ginger lemonade glass

Orange-Ginger Lemonade is a Refreshing Treat

Got fresh produce from the farmers’ market? That means it’s a chance to make orange-ginger lemonade. Of course we’ve mentioned that on farmers’ market days we love to cook greens and make pesto. But we love doing fun things with the fruit as well – and that means more than just making mini-jitos. When we […]

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organic green juice box

Melissa’s Organic Green Juice Box

Imagine what a nice surprise it is to walk in the door and see this wonderful organic green juice box from Melissa’s. It’s like opening an indoor garden: What’s in the Box? This Organic Green Juice Box is a featured delivery item from Melissa’s. The contents of the box will vary by season. But you […]

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kale sprouts

Kale Sprouts with Pistachios

Kale…sprouts? That’s right – Please meet these lovely new starlets of the vegetable world.┬áKale sprouts are a cross between Russian red kale and Brussels sprouts. They look like a miniature head of kale, or possibly like a Brussels sprout that has started to unfurl. They have a leafy texture and a sweet and peppery taste, […]

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orange guacamole

Game-Day Orange Guacamole

We know you make guacamole with lime juice, but can you make it with orange juice? Orange guacamole? We’re happy to report that yes, it’s a thing, and it’s delicious. If you’re wondering how we came to this brainstorm, you have to envision this scene. We’ve got two kids in the kitchen; one squeezing Seville […]

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Hoppin' John

Quick Hoppin’ John with Kale

How quick is this Hoppin’ John recipe? Let’s put it this way: We just got off a cross-country flight last night, we’re tired to the bone, and yet making this dish is still the most low-key thing we’re going to do today. Of course, a traditional slow-cooked Hoppin’ John – a New Year’s black-eyed pea […]

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