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Chicken Charlie holding plates of Kool-Aid Chicken Sandwiches.

OC Fair Food 2022: Wacky and Fun

It’s wild, it’s wackier than ever, and it’s back for another year. Of course we’re talking about OC Fair food for the 2022 season. This year at the fair, you’ll find some of the old (crazy) standards. (Think fried Oreos, bacon-wrapped fried pickles, and basically everything fried.) What’s new is a few even wackier things […]

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Sarcone's tomato pie in pan.

A Philly Tomato Pie Tour

We’ve been craving Philly-style tomato pie over here. Now come on, admit it, after you see this, don’t you crave it too? When we talk about tomato pie, you need to know that we’re talking about Philly tomato pie, not Southern tomato pie. What’s the difference? Philadelphia’s classic tomato pie is a delicious thick and […]

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Chicken Charlie's Deep-Fried Brownies with Buffalo Sauce

OC Fair Food 2021 – Colorful, Spicy, and Wacky

Fair food is by definition outrageous, and this year’s OC Fair Food (at the Orange County Fair) is no exception. Huge portions, crazy food combinations, and deep-fried everything is the rule. Of course we (and probably most people) wouldn’t eat like this every day. But we’re still fascinated by fair food. Each year some of […]

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Top Ten Things to Do In Summer in Carmel

Top Ten Things to Do in Summer in Carmel

The weather is perfect, the scenery is amazing, the food is incredible – What’s not to love about summer in Carmel? In fact, there are so many delightful things to do it can be hard to narrow them down. Plus, Carmel is full of hidden treasures that you don’t want to miss. That’s why we’ve […]

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Sea Salt

Sea Salt, Straight From The Ocean

Sea salt is an amazing mineral, pure and natural, with the ability to elevate the taste of just about any food. In fact, once you’ve tried sea salt, you’re unlikely to go back to regular processed table salt. But it also makes us curious. Can you just…make it? How do you do that? And why […]

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‘Eat Your Vegetables’ Feast at MB Post

Day in and day out, we hear the urging to “eat your vegetables.” But could an entirely plant-based meal become a multi-course feast at a high-end restaurant? If you thought “no,” think again. Plant-based menus are a growing trend even at the fanciest eateries. And chefs are stretching their creative muscles to create new and […]

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