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Pie Round-Up

It’s that time of the year when we bond with our loved ones over pie. So we thought we’d give you a pie round-up of some of our favorite pies from throughout the year.

Why pie? Oh, it’s just the best way to feature all kinds of deliciousness. It’s like putting a pretty circular frame around your favorite things.

Plus, to quote the Gilmore Girls, “An education is the most important thing in the world, next to family.” “And pie.”

Sweet Pies

So since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, let’s start with Mince Fruit Pie – it’s one of our family’s favorites and it’s perfectly fall-themed. Yes, it has the word “mince” in it, but there’s no meat in there – it’s actually chock-full of fruit.

Mince Fruit Pie - like mincemeat, but there's no meat in there.

Mince Fruit Pie – like mincemeat, but there’s no meat in there.

Looking for something cold? How about a slice of Blueberry Ginger Ice Cream Pie? Even though the temperatures are dipping, a colorful ginger-y pie is always in season.  (And remember, pie tastes good. But you should really share it with at least one other person.)

blueberry pie slice

If you’re looking for a quick fix, you can always try this Easy-As-Pie Strawberry Pie that you can pull together with ingredients you most likely have in your cupboard and fridge. (Surprise! It’s got a super-secret layer of chocolate on top of the crust!).

strawberry pie

Speaking of pie, er, pi… How about an Avocado-Key Lime Pie? We made this one for Pi Day, but it’s truly delicious all year round.

And of course, don’t miss an opportunity to try some delicious rhubarb with this Rhubarb Custard Pie.

rhubarb custard

Want to get the kids involved? Make a lattice-top pie crust with them – it’s easy and fun; and it’s well-suited for just about any kind of fruit pie.

pie stripes

Savory Pie

What’s that? Too many sweets in this pie round-up? OK, try this fun purple-and-white potato pie made with all of your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers. You’ve got turkey, veggies, and gravy on the bottom, and alternating mashed white potatoes and sweet potatoes on top.

Purple Pie

We hope you’ll enjoy one or more of these pies. Maybe this pie round-up will even inspire you to start a new family tradition. The more pies, the merrier.

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4 Responses to Pie Round-Up

  1. Dorothy at Shockingly Delicious November 19, 2016 at 4:35 pm #

    Pie pie pie. And Gilmore Girls. That’s all I need.

    • Jeanne November 19, 2016 at 5:14 pm #

      Ha! Thanks, Dorothy!

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