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Persimmon Roses

If you’re still enjoying fall, and you’re not quite ready for all things red and green, persimmons are the fruit for you. These firm, sweet, bright orange fruits taste like a combination of pears and plums – and there’s no pit or core to remove (just the leaf-like cap).


The persimmons you’ll probably find in the store for eating out of hand are fuyu persimmons, the most common persimmon for eating out-of-hand. If you’re extremely lucky, you may find cinnamon persimmons, which are very similar but with cinnamon overtones.

As soon as we saw the most recent crop of persimmons appear at the farmers’ market, we knew immediately what we wanted to do with them: Make Persimmon Roses. We simply took the recipe for Apple Roses and substituted persimmons for a super easy and pretty dessert.


Tip: The key is finding a persimmon that’s not too hard (otherwise you’ll need to soak it like you soak the apples, so they become bendable) and not too mushy. Also, make sure to slice it as thinly as possible so that the slices curve gracefully around as you wrap them up.

Garnish them with powdered sugar and serve them with pride – No one says you have to go “red and green” before you’re ready!

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