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Breakfast Cookies

Molasses-Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies

Who eats breakfast….cookies? Well, some people do. On the face of it, it sounds decadent. But if you really think about it, it’s not so bad. In fact, it’s better than most of today’s breakfast offerings. The rationale goes something like… whole oats, eggs, raisins, brown sugar = reasonably good for you. And oatmeal cookies […]

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Chocolate Buckwheat Banana Bread

Chocolate Buckwheat Banana Bread – A Gluten-Free Recipe

If you can all just give us your addresses, we’d like to come over to your house and give you a piece of this Chocolate Buckwheat Banana Bread. We’re not (exactly) kidding. It’s *that* good. You’re going to want it for breakfast, snack, lunch, late-night snack… and so on. What makes it so good? One, […]

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Fresh Jackfruit Salsa

Fresh Jackfruit Salsa – Quick and Easy

This Fresh Jackfruit Salsa gives a nice twist on your regular old chips and salsa. First, it’s a bright yellow color. Second, it’s got a great kick. And third, it’s a slightly different taste than what you might expect. It looks like it *could* be mango salsa, but it’s a different tropical flavor that you […]

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Tropical Jackfruit Cake with Coconut Glaze

Tropical Jackfruit Cake with Coconut Glaze

If you’ve gone through all the work of taking apart a jackfruit, you should reward yourself with this Tropical Jackfruit Cake with Coconut Glaze. It’s easy, delicious, and it will transport you right to the tropics. What Is Jackfruit? Before we get into the cake, let’s do a quick jackfruit refresher. The jackfruit is an […]

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HIdden Rose Apple Tart

Hidden Rose Apple Tart Recipe

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Hidden Rose apples, you will surely need to make this Hidden Rose Apple Tart. Hidden Rose apples are simply stunning. When you slice through their pale green exterior, you’ll discover a deep rose-pink flesh. These apples need to be on display. And what better way […]

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Chia Pudding

Easiest Recipe Ever: Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding is that rare recipe for which you could write instructions in just two words: Stir. Refrigerate. And… you’re done. That’s *it*! Seriously! You don’t even need a lot of ingredients. In fact, if you’re keeping it pure, you technically only need two ingredients: chia seeds and your choice of milk. Most people add […]

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Carmel in Winter

Top Ten Things to Do In Carmel In Winter

There may be a chill in the air, but there’s still no better place to be than Carmel in winter. Sure, it’s a beach town (official name: Carmel-By-The-Sea). But there are plenty of things to do when you visit Carmel even during the coldest months of the year. That’s why we’ve put together this list […]

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