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sweet potato apple tian

Sweet Potato Tian with Heirloom Apples

Do we ever have a great dish for you! Check out this Sweet Potato Tian with Heirloom Apples. (What’s a tian? It’s basically a layered casserole. More precisely, it’s a dish of finely chopped vegetables baked in olive oil in an earthenware vessel.) Why heirloom apples? Have you ever taken a bite of a store-bought […]

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A Tour Inside Melissa’s Warehouse

What amazing fruits and vegetables lie within Melissa’s warehouse? At Melissa’s/ World Variety¬†Produce¬† Inc., the country’s largest distributor of specialty produce, a whole world of produce awaits your discovery. And if Melissa’s has its way, you’ll soon enjoy more varieties of fruits and vegetables than you ever knew existed. Recently we had a chance to […]

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homemade peanut butter

Homemade Peanut Butter – Easy and Delicious

Yes, you can make homemade peanut butter. It’s real – and it’s spectacular. What would motivate you to make homemade peanut butter? Well, for starters, do you find it annoying when you see trans fats and sugars on your peanut butter label? Are you nervous about all of the recent nut butter recalls due to […]

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purple potato chips

Purple Potato Chips

Purple potato chips? Sure! If you think potatoes only come in white and orange, you’re missing out on a big segment of the world’s potato population. Your regular white potatoes are probably used to playing a supporting role on the side of the plate at dinnertime. But what would happen if you added a punch […]

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Raspberry-Lavender Pie and the Lavender Fields

I am obsessed with raspberry and lavender. It didn’t just start with my visit to Greysmarsh Farm, a raspberry/lavender farm in Sequim, WA this summer. But that visit certainly helped. Out of all the farms I toured for my Real Food project, this is the one place where I didn’t do any interviewing or even […]

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home ketchup

Homemade Ketchup

I say ketchup/You say catsup…Ready to call the whole thing off? You can end the debate with a special homemade ketchup that’s sure to charm even the pickiest eater. Ketchup is a favorite condiment for many kids; for some it might even be its own food group. But one of the concerns about many store-bought […]

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