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Visiting Italy with the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe

Jolly Tomato is headed to Italy this week with the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe and ANICAV, the Italian association of canned tomato producers.

Italian tomatoes

We’re thrilled to have a chance to meet tomato growers, tour a field, visit processing facilities, and meet with chefs who are making the best of Italy’s finest tomatoes.

The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe is a three-year campaign on behalf of ANICAV – the Italian Association of Canned Vegetable Industries. ANICAV members account for over 60% of all the processed tomatoes in Italy. In addition, they account for nearly all of the whole peeled tomatoes in the world. (That includes the internationally renowned San Marzano tomatoes.)

tomato pesto frittata

These European tomatoes are special because of the artistry in growing and preserving them. Artisan farmers grow these tomatoes grow in rich fertile land, pick them at their peak of ripeness, and preserve them by time-honored methods. Additionally, they’re so flavorful that they don’t require the additives or flavoring ingredients that other canned tomatoes might need. They’re perfect just as they are. In fact, we like to think that these are the very tomatoes that our European ancestors relied on to make their meals special.

Davia Italian tomatoes are processed in Gragnano, near Naples. They are a member company of Greatest Tomatoes from Europe.

These tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin A, C, potassium, minerals, fiber, and the anti-oxidant Lycopene. And of course these canned tomatoes are vegan, fat-free, and salt-free.

You can follow along on our journey at the Jolly Tomato Instagram @jollytomato and Facebook /jollytomato pages.

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Vegetarian Timpano

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tomato cheesecake

Photo credit: Greatest Tomatoes from Europe

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