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New Dodger Stadium Food for 2018

Anyone who loves both food and baseball is going to be in heaven at Dodger Stadium for the 2018 season. We had a chance to sample some of the new Dodger Stadium food items and there are so many great new things in store, we think it’s safe to say this is going to be the best season yet.

Dodger Stadium Food

Nopales Torta at Dodger Stadium

Let’s start by declaring 2018 the Year of the Torta. (That’s right – the torta – a Mexican-style sandwich served on a special soft roll.) One ongoing trend that we love in Dodger Stadium food is an increasing number of menu items that reflect the cultural history of Los Angeles. This year’s special menu items include two tortas that will satisfy just about everyone – a carne asada (grilled steak) torta, and a nopales (cactus) torta.

“I’ve been wanting to do tortas since I came here,” said Dodgers Executive Chef Ryan Evans. “Here in L.A., with all of the great Mexican bakeries, I knew we could do a great torta.”

These sandwiches are made with authentic La Princesa Bakery bread, baked fresh just a few miles away from the stadium, and topped with refried beans, jalapeños, cilantro, pickled onions, and fresh crema. The tortas will be available at at LA On Deck Circle – Field level, aisle 48; Loge level, aisle 133; and Reserve level, aisle 4.

Dodger Stadium Food

Lobster Roll at Dodger Stadium

There are also quite a few other new sandwiches to please even the pickiest eater:

  • Pretzel Chicken Croissant Sandwich with sundried tomato and herb aioli (available at Marketplace – Field level, aisle 5; Loge level, aisle 137; and Reserve level, aisle 5).
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich with buffalo chicken, jalapeno slaw, and umami aioli (available at Chick N’ Waffles – Reserve level, aisle 12);
  • King’s Hawaiian Lobster Roll (available at King’s Hawaiian Grill – left field entrance plaza);
  • Chicken N’ Waffle Sammy that features spicy chicken with candied bacon, maple syrup, and powdered sugar (available at Chick N’ Tots – Field level, aisle 8; and Chick N’ Waffles – Reserve level, aisle 12.)
Dodger Stadium Food

Quinoa Salad Cups at Dodger Stadium

Adding to the ever-expanding list of vegetarian options is the Portobello Mushroom Veggie Burger, and the High Protein Quinoa Salad made with fresh corn, green onions, and chickpeas (available at Marketplace – Field level, aisle 5; Loge level, aisle 137; Reserve level, aisle 5).

Dodger Stadium Food

Cheet-O-Lote at Dodger Stadium

There’s also the famous Cheet-O-Lote, which was a menu addition during last year’s postseason, and is now returning as a fan favorite. It’s an ear of roasted sweet corn, rubbed with chipotle lime mayo and dusted with cotija cheese and  (no joke) Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Dodger Stadium Food

Orange Chicken Basebowl at Dodger Stadium

Another trend that the Dodgers kitchen discovered was that people seem to be eating less pork. So last year’s Kalua Pork Bowl – although delicious – was replaced with the soon-to-be new favorite Orange Chicken, which comes with rice and a healthy serving of broccoli in a souvenir baseball bowl (available at Basebowls – Field level, aisle 45).

Dodger Stadium Food

Churro Cake with Horchata Ice Cream at Dodger Stadium

And last but not least, there’s always something new and decadent for dessert. This year it’s another nod to Los Angeles’ regional specialties: Churro Cake with Horchata Ice Cream. It’s a swoon-worthy mix of cinnamon, cream, and caramel, all served up in a souvenir Dodgers cap.

“We live in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the West,” said Chef Evans, who says that he wants to capture those different local flavors whenever possible. “Everything is available, even within a ten-mile radius of the stadium,” he added.

Evans noted that he gets lots of fan feedback on Dodger Stadium food throughout the season, and the kitchen is always open to suggestions. “We can do anything, we really can. Crazy or normal – people will eat it. If it looks cool, people will eat it.”

Crazy or cool – we’re looking forward to a great season of food and baseball this year. Go Dodgers!

P.S. Dodger Stadium is known for its generous giveaways and this year does not disappoint. For all you chefs, or wannabe chefs, don’t miss the May 28 for a special barbecue apron giveaway.

Dodger Stadium food

May 28 Dodger apron giveaway

Blogger disclosure: I had a chance to sample complimentary Dodger menu items at Dodger Stadium. I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

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