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“Mint” Chocolate Chip Pancakes for #StPatricksDay

Green food coloring for St. Patrick’s Day? No thanks – especially when so many other delicious foods are already green. We’ve already gone the naturally green frosting and naturally green cake route; now it’s time to move on to breakfast.

When we first saw these Spinach Mint Pancakes from Kitchen Cyclone, we knew they were on to something brilliant. In many cases the problem with using leafy greens to color your sweet dishes is that you get a slight (or sometimes not-so-slight) plant-y taste. But by adding peppermint extract you can cover up all of that leafy flavor. Plus you have plausible deniability if you feel you need to conceal the fact that there’s spinach in there. (“What makes these pancakes green? Must be the mint leaves!”)

The key question in our house, however, is always how they taste. Do they taste good? Good enough for the kids to *want* to eat them (as opposed to gamely trying them once? The answer is an unequivocal yes. They wanted seconds. And thirds. And when we got to school a little while later and discovered that our first grader had forgotten his backpack, he explained it by saying, dreamily, “I think I was just distracted thinking about those green pancakes.”

Give them a try – your kids might discover a new favorite pancake. You can find the recipe here. Note: We adapted the recipe slightly to make the batter more liquid-y by omitting one egg and increasing the milk to 1 1/2 cups. We also added 1/4 teaspoon salt because we like a tiny bit of salt in our pancakes, but that’s a personal preference. Thank you, Kitchen Cyclone, for introducing us to a new family pancake favorite!

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