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buddha hand sheet

Buddha’s Hand Lemon Drop Cookies

The Buddha’s Hand citrus fruit is beautiful, creepy, fascinating, and hauntingly fragrant. But once we’re finished looking at it and smelling it, we never quite know what to do with it. Whereas other novelty fruits often take on the starring role, you won’t find many cookbooks that overflow with Buddha’s Hand recipes. A variety of […]

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sweet dumpling squash

Sweet Dumpling Squash Bars

A sweet dumpling squash is an adorable fall vegetable; round and petite with a creamy yellow-gold flesh. But if you attempt to make a dessert like Sweet Dumpling Squash Bars, will it appeal to kids? Well…here’s a true story: I made these bars yesterday and started taking pictures of them next to some whole sweet […]

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spaghetti squash latkes

Spaghetti Squash Latkes

These spaghetti squash latkes are a tasty way to serve up one of our favorite squashes. Wait – spaghetti squash latkes? That’s right. Of course the most popular way to serve this popular vegetable (fruit?) is to use it as a pasta substitute. But we’ve never been super-crazy about food that only feels legitimate when […]

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avocado kale pesto

Basic Pesto Recipe and an Ode to Pesto

How much do we love pesto? We make it just about every week. So in that spirit, here’s an Ode to Pesto. (Remember the Ode to Hummus? This one’s similar, but with more leafy greens.) Oh pesto how I love you so; So many foods with which you go. So many ways to make you […]

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yellow carrot ribbon salad

Yellow Carrot Ribbon Salad

This Yellow Carrot Ribbon Salad is going to appeal to just about every little bunny and rabbit in your house. If you’re cooking for Easter, Passover, or just a lively spring meal, chances are you’re going to need a simple side dish. And if you’re tired of the usual green lettuce salad, you should definitely […]

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baby kale

Warm Baby Kale-Leek Salad in Crispy Cups

Do you need a salad that doesn’t really look like a salad? Then this Warm Baby Kale-Leek Salad in Crispy Cups is the salad for you. The inspiration for this salad came from the fact that we’re now seeing baby kale all over the place. It reminds us that there are so many ways to […]

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