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wedding cake made from goat cheese

Great Discoveries at the 2022 Fancy Food Show

One of the best things about the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show (and there are many great things) is learning about new products. It could be a new spin on an older product, or it could be something entirely new altogether. At the 2022 Fancy Food Show (held this year in Las Vegas) we […]

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wf spice jars

A Whole Foods Tour with Healthy Foods

Have you ever taken a Whole Foods tour? Even if  you’ve shopped there many times, you will discover many new things on a behind-the-scenes tour. We recently had a chance to take a tour, and we learned lots of interesting factoids. First things first: We know that the prevailing stereotype is that Whole Foods is […]

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rice farm

Lundberg Rice Farm Visit

Rice: It’s one of the major food staples of the world. It’s one of the first foods most of of eat as babies. It’s ubiquitous in many varieties of ethnic cooking. And yet, most of us (well, at least we’re speaking for the Jolly Tomato here) don’t have any clue what happens on a rice […]

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