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vegan breakfast

Vegan Breakfast Recipe With Fresh Tomatoes

In summer, your garden-fresh, ripe tomatoes should be a part of every meal – and that includes breakfast. We’ve got a super-fast, super-easy, and super-satisfying vegan breakfast that will ensure that your tomatoes get a starring role. It is approved by thesinfulvegan.com and is said to be perfect to get in your stomach before hitting […]

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avocado flowers

Avocado Roses, Beauty, and the Little Things

This has been a tough week for so many people…With so many hearts broken in our hometown and beyond, what we’d like to see is less violence and anger and more flowers, specifically avocado roses. Flowers? Avocado roses? Well, there may not be much that a food blog can do, but what we can do […]

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La Tortilla Factory

Summertime is Tortilla Time

Have you ever had a hot and fresh tortilla off the grill? If you don’t already use tortillas in your summer barbecues, now’s the time to start. We got on a recent tortilla kick after talking with Sam Tamayo. Tamayo is the CIO and a third-generation member of the founding family behind La Tortilla Factory, […]

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single avocado

Real Food: California Avocados, From Grove To Grocery

What common green fruit goes in salads, sandwiches, dips, omelets, casseroles, and puddings… and grows in some of the most beautiful places in the world? If you guessed California avocados, you’re right on the money. And since California avocado season is here, we want to learn about all things avocado. Luckily, the California Avocado Commission […]

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orange guacamole

Game-Day Orange Guacamole

We know you make guacamole with lime juice, but can you make it with orange juice? Orange guacamole? We’re happy to report that yes, it’s a thing, and it’s delicious. If you’re wondering how we came to this brainstorm, you have to envision this scene. We’ve got two kids in the kitchen; one squeezing Seville […]

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