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Pete’s Dragon and Fuzzy Green Almonds

Spring has sprung, or is in the process of springing at least, and we’ve got great new movies and foods to welcome this time of year. Arriving on Netflix this month is the (updated) kids’ classic, Pete’s Dragon; and arriving in stores this month are fuzzy green almonds.

First; the movie: Pete is a kid who was found in the woods after living there for 6 years alone… or was he alone? How did he survive? Turns out he had a fuzzy green dragon taking care of him… and the whole town is about to find out about it.

When we tried to think of what to serve while watching “Pete’s Dragon” we got hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration when we saw these fresh, fuzzy, and adorable green almonds at our local Middle Eastern market. Green almonds are a seasonal delicacy, found only in early spring before the almond inside the fuzzy green shell has had a chance to harden and turn into a “nut” (Food nerd note: almonds are not technically nuts; they’re actually the seeds of stone fruit).

green almonds


If they’re really fresh, you can eat them as-is, green fuzzy skin and all. But be forewarned; the green fuzzy skin takes on a bitter taste if it sits around for too long. But you can still eat the inner “nut” – just split them open and squeeze out the white baby almond. They’re great with a little sea salt and/or olive oil.

green almonds

Green almonds are kind of like dragons – you’ll only see them for a very short time and then “poof!” – they’ll disappear. So if you see some, at a local specialty market, or at a farmers’ market, grab them while you can (and eat them as soon as you can after purchasing).

And don’t forget to serve them while you’re watching “Pete’s Dragon.” Imagine your friends’ surprise when you tell them, “We’re not going to eat popcorn; we’re going to eat these green fuzzy things instead…”

Blogger disclosure: I am a member of Netflix’s blogger Stream Team. Netflix has provided me with an annual subscription and other benefits in exchange for monthly posts. I did not receive any other compensation for this post; all opinions expressed are my own.



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