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Healthy After-School Snacks with Strawberries

Whether school is at home or on campus, every student could use a boost with healthy after-school snacks. And when you make your healthy after-school snacks with strawberries, you’re almost certain to get cheers and requests for more.

healthy after-school snacks

Healthy After School Snacks with Strawberries

What’s in a strawberry? A serving of 8 strawberries provides your full daily recommended intake of Vitamin C. They also have potassium, fiber, folate, and other important phytochemicals.

Now of course you can add sugar to make all kinds of delicious strawberry desserts. But for healthy after-school snacks, you want to make them as simple as possible without added sugar (or with as little added sugar as possible). Even better – most of these ideas do not require recipes. In most cases, even the youngest kids could make them.

Strawberry Yogurt Cones

Strawberry Yogurt Cones

This super-quick snack is so easy even the littlest kid could help make it. It also has the benefit of being adorable.

To make these Strawberry Yogurt Cones, we started with mini ice cream cones (available at most grocery stores, right next to the regular cones. These mini cones are about three inches high. Fill each one with a heaping tablespoonful of strawberry yogurt, then add a slice of strawberry. For a little extra garnish, we added teeny tiny thyme leaves to this batch.


Strawberry Pancake Sandwiches

Strawberry Pancake Sandwiches

These teeny-tiny pancake sandwiches are also adorable. Would you believe they only require three ingredients? Simply start with your favorite pancake mix, add finely chopped strawberries, and make silver dollar sized pancakes. Then pair them up and put a tiny smidge (about a teaspoonful) of peanut butter in between.


Strawberry Pizza with Fontina and Arugula

Strawberry… pizza? Oh yes. You and your kids are going to love this colorful Strawberry Pizza with Fontina and Arugula. It’s a pizza, but it’s just faintly sweet from the baked strawberries. Once it’s out of the oven, you garnish it with a little arugula for color and “bite.” If your kids aren’t crazy about arugula, try basil or spinach.


Strawberry Sandos

These Strawberry Sandos (strawberry sandwiches on Japanese milk bread) are the perfect finger food. They’re pretty, they’re dainty, and they are finger-licking tasty. It’s basically just sweetened whipped cream and fruit in a milk bread sandwich. Then it’s strategically sliced to show off the most beautiful cross-section of strawberry. If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, you can make your own whipped cream and then add sugar just to taste.

Strawberry Zucchini Bread

Strawberry Zucchini Bread is a lovely twist on your standard zucchini bread. It adds a pretty pop of color, and a dash of sweetness. Serve it with cream cheese, butter, jam – or just on its own.

Strawberry Salsa

Strawberry Salsa

Why have chips and salsa if you can have chips and strawberry salsa? This salsa is sweet-hot… and since you’re choosing the peppers, you can make it as hot or mild as you prefer.

Strawberry Virgin Mojitos

Strawberry Virgin Mojitos

Last but not least, if you need a fun drink, you definitely need these Strawberry Virgin Mojitos (We call them “Mini-Jitos”). A kid can do the most fun part of this recipe, which is muddling the strawberries. Then add as much crushed ice and/or sugar as you like. Cheers!

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