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Cool Gifts for Young Chefs

Do you have a talented young chef on your gift list this year? Or just a kid who’s happy to hang out in the kitchen? No matter what your kid’s skill or interest level, there’s almost certainly a kitchen gift that will amaze and delight them this holiday season. With the right gift, who knows? You might just find yourself earning breakfast in bed on the day after Christmas after your young chef has been busy in the kitchen. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Knife set. If your kids are going to work in the kitchen, it’s important for them to learn good cutting and knife safety skills. Instead of giving them a butter knife to make sloppy and dangerous cuts, give them a knife that will get the job done – with adult supervision and the proper instructions. In the past, we’ve featured nylon knife sets that are good starter sets. This year we’re moving on to a steel knife set that’s designed for kids (smaller size, blunt tip).
2) Safety gloves for kids. As long as your kids are going to use a knife, you might as well make sure their small hands are well protected. These gloves are built to protect kids’ hands from slicing or grating accidents. Note that this is not a fail-safe shield to prevent them from any and all injuries; it’s just a good layer of protection against the easily avoidable cuts.

3) Goldfish measuring spoons. We love just about everything from Kuhn Rikon’s Kinderkitchen line but these measuring spoons are particularly adorable. They’re shaped just right so that they fit into jars and containers with small openings. Oh, and the “fishing line” holds them all together so you won’t lose them.

4) Cool sports team apron. Who says sports stars don’t cook? This year we’re letting our older kids choose their favorite sports team on this high-quality apron from that’s sure to stand the test of time (Our house is full of L.A. Dodger fans but you can get them for just about any major league baseball or NFL team.)

5) Fruit slicer. This one is fun for small kids who want to help with food prep and are too young for knife skills. Put them to work with this tiny turtle and you’ll have perfectly sliced apples in minutes. Having a party? Let your young chef go to town and create a whole fruit plate.

6) Nut grinder. Do you need any nuts ground for your recipes? Your kitchen helpers will have so much fun with this nut grinder you’ll probably end up with more than you need. Fun fact: This nut grinder was a staple in the Jolly Tomato’s kitchen when she was a kid.

7) Recipe cards. Maybe it seems hopelessly retro, but we love being able to pick up and file away actual recipe cards (especially when they say “Nom Nom Nom” on them). Your kid could have fun writing out his own favorite recipes, or you could have family and friends write out recipes for your kids to collect.

8) Prep bowls. We love these Pinch & Pour Prep Bowls from Crate and Barrel that have calibrated measurements inside. When you “pinch and pour” them, it’s easy to get out every drop, even for sticky ingredients like peanut butter or molasses. The gripping base helps prevent your small chefs from making messy spills.

9) Batter dispenser Do your kids make pancakes? If you’re tired of the mess and dribble of pancake batter going everywhere, check out this batter dispenser from our friends at OXO. There’s a little valve in the spout that keeps the batter from leaking between squeezes. The dispenser rests on a base that keeps the dispenser balanced in a nice non-leaky fashion between batches.

10) Silicone oven mitts. We’ve got oven mitts in all shapes and sizes, but the ones we (and the kids) consistently reach for are these silicone oven mitts that are sleek, functional, and fun. Plus they come in an array of eye-popping colors so you can pick one out to suit your mood. Come to think of it, this one’s not a bad gift for Mom either. Hint, hint.

Happy shopping!

Blogger disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post. No one gifted me any of the items for this post. I just wrote about them because I thought they were cool.

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2 Responses to Cool Gifts for Young Chefs

  1. Ashley Bee @ Quarter Life Crisis Cuisine December 8, 2013 at 9:45 am #

    I love this roundup! I wish I’d had some of these as a kid… maybe my cooking obsession would have jump started 🙂

    • Jeanne December 8, 2013 at 10:01 am #

      I know, Ashley, right? The only one we had was the nut grinder and my siblings and I would argue over who would get to use it. ; )

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