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Vegan Beet Noodles

Easy Vegan Beet Noodles Recipe

This recipe for Easy Vegan Beet Noodles is so yummy, so pretty, and so EASY! You will not believe how fast it is to put together this delicious ruby-red tower of goodness. But first – beet noodles. Do you have a spiralizer that allows you to spiral-cut your own beets? If yes, lucky you! If […]

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Plague Doctor Cookies

Plague Doctor Cookies

You asked for it, 2020, you got it: Plague Doctor Cookies. These are possibly the best cookies you’ve ever had that you didn’t even know you wanted. They’re fun. They’re a great conversation starter. And they’re tasty to boot! Of course, Plague Doctor-themed goodies may have picked up some popularity during the pandemic. But there […]

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stuffed shells

Stuffed Shells with Eggplant Tomato Sauce

These Stuffed Shells with Eggplant Tomato Sauce aren’t just good – they’re the winner of our #ILoveSanMarzanoDOP tomato recipe contest. This recipe comes from Julie S., an accomplished home cook from Seattle, Washington. She starts by making a luscious tomato sauce with eggplant, capers, and olives. The sauce then brings a salty, tangy kick to […]

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Smashed Potatoes

Smashed Potatoes with Sage-Garlic Olive Oil

Why have mashed potatoes when you can have *smashed potatoes*? We’ve always loved the idea of smashed potatoes (hey, they’re fun to make!). But are they… worthy… of a Thanksgiving or holiday feast? We say an emphatic yes, especially if we’re serving them with the best, high-quality olive oil. For the potatoes, we choose Melissa’s […]

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Cranberry Applesauce

Cranberry Applesauce – A Colorful Thanksgiving Recipe

If you have filled your Thanksgiving table with drab beige and brown foods, you definitely need this Cranberry Applesauce recipe. We guarantee it will be the most colorful item on the menu. Don’t get us wrong – we love all Thanksgiving foods. And we love regular applesauce too. But this cranberry applesauce really cheers up […]

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tomato pesto frittata

Enter the #ILoveSanMarzanoDOP Tomato Recipe Contest

Do you love high-quality tomatoes? Of course you do, and so do we. That’s why we’re excited to announce our #ILoveSanMarzanoDOP tomato recipe contest. Now that it’s fall and the holiday season is fast approaching, we’re shifting from fresh tomatoes to recipes that use European canned tomatoes. Specifically, we’re talking about the famous San Marzano […]

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