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Year of the Green Dragon Apple

You know how much we love apples around here, so you can see why fall is one of the happiest seasons at our house. Just when we thought we had tried them all (OK, maybe not) we discovered the Green Dragon Apple (courtesy of Melissa’s Produce). And they’re probably a new favorite.

What’s a Green Dragon apple? They’re a cross between a Yellow Delicious apple and the Indo apple of Japan. If you’re just looking at them, you might assume they’re a regular yellow appley. But get a little closer and you’ll see some pale freckles…maybe a little pink blush…and then you’ll get a whiff of the super-intense apple aroma they give off. Try one and they are unbelievably crisp and sweet; with tropical overtones reminiscent of pineapple or pear.

We’d love to give you a recipe to make with them, but to be honest, the best thing you can possibly do with them is eat them plain. Add a few slices to your breakfast, lunch, or dinner plate…Toss one in a lunch bag…Put them on a snack tray. You can’t go wrong.

These apples are only available through December, so you’ll have to get them soon. In the L.A. area, you can find them at Bristol Farms and Gelsons. Nationally, they should be available in most well-stocked produce departments, but if you don’t see them, ask the produce manager.

Blogger disclosure: Melissa’s sent us apples to sample. We did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions expressed are our own.

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