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red flower

Horizontal Mom

Think motherhood is hard? Try doing it flat on your back. I had just drifted off into a groggy half-sleep in my hospital bed when the phone jolted me back into consciousness. It was my husband, calling on his way back from picking our three-year-old son Luke up from preschool. “The teacher says Luke’s pants […]

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kids salad

A Kid’s Salad

With all of that “green stuff,” salad can be a tough sell for many kids. Last week we worked our way around the problem by making a tasty summer bread salad. This week we tried a different tactic with our slightly picky (OK, let’s say “selective”) 9-year-old: We put him entirely in charge of creating […]

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Moms Making a Difference

Moms are awesome. After all, who is more passionate about the health and wellness of kids than moms? Today we’re taking a little break from usual Jolly Tomato business to celebrate those moms who go above and beyond every day. Red Tricycle and Blue Shield of California have teamed up on a program called We […]

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Love from the Kitchen: This One’s For You, Mom

Here in Jolly Tomato-land we consider ourselves fortunate to have a mom who is a great cook and who served us a full variety of healthy, tasty foods while we were growing up. Now that we have our own home and family, we’ve spent plenty of time calling Mom on the phone and asking for […]

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Group of Vine Tomatoes

Friday Food News Feed: Dec. 10

We’re still spinning over here from the ramifications of the passage of the landmark Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill, so we’re glad to be able to talk about it for at least one more week. Most significantly, President Obama plans to sign it on Monday, December 13 (via Obama Foodorama). But despite all of the hoopla surrounding […]

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The Kids’ Drawer

Getting tired of hearing the words, “Mom, I’m hungry; will you make me a snack?” Yeah, us too. Oh sure, there’s nothing wrong with making your kid a snack, but day in and day out it gets old. Not to mention that if you’re solely in charge of the food, the control is all in […]

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