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Blood Tests Can Answer Questions About Veganism

Should you go vegan? And if you’re vegan, are you getting the nutrition you need? Lots of people who are pursuing or considering a plant-based diet are asking these questions. Fortunately, there are blood tests that can give you useful answers.

HealthLabs.com offers blood testing packages that aim to help both vegans and non-vegans. There are two different veins of testing: one for vegans and one for those who are considering a plant-based diet.

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Already Vegan? Test For Nutrient Deficiencies

First, the Vegan Nutritional Maintenance Panel targets vegans who want to ensure that they have a well-balanced diet. This panel contains 11 tests for possible nutrient deficiencies that vegans may encounter. For example, these blood tests can identify B-12 deficiencies or high levels of folic acid.

The test costs $149, but see below for a Jolly Tomato reader discount.

Should You Be Vegan? Test for Information

Next, the “Should You be Vegan” testing panels target those who are considering veganism. These tests are useful for people who experience unwanted side effects from a traditional diet. For instance, many people complain of pain, sluggishness, or discomfort after consuming meat or dairy.

The comprehensive “Should You Be Vegan” test panel looks for allergies that may be brought on by animal-derived food. This panel tests for 38 different food allergies, including lactose intolerance and egg and/or meat allergies. The test costs $399, but see below for the Jolly Tomato reader discount.

Additionally, there are less-expensive Standard and Basic “Should You Be Vegan” blood tests. These versions look for the most common animal-derived food allergies. These cost $299 and $199, respectively, but again, read below for a Jolly Tomato reader discount.

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Ordering Blood Tests

If these blood tests sound like something you want to pursue, you can order them straight away.  Just visit Health Labs at www.HealthLabs.com or call them at 1-800-579-3914. (When you call, mention JollyTomato.com for a 25 percent discount!)

Just so you know, Health Labs offers direct lab-to-consumer testing, with no doctor or insurance needed. The blood tests are strictly private. They’re also easy to access, with over 4,500 CLIA-certified U.S. labs. Additionally, results are available within a couple of days.

Here at Jolly Tomato, we’re glad to know about both of these kinds of blood tests. We get lots of questions about plant-based diets from vegans and non-vegans alike. Remember, if you’re looking for vegan recipes, you can find lots of options on our site. Also, if you’d like to see a particular recipe, let us know.

And as always, if you have medical questions, consult a medical professional.

Blogger disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with HealthLabs. We only partner with organizations we support. Additionally, all opinions expressed are those of Jolly Tomato.

Should you go vegan? If you're vegan, are you getting the nutrients you need? These blood tests can help you find out!

Should you go vegan? If you’re vegan, are you getting the nutrients you need? These blood tests can help you find out!

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