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Summer Food Reading

Summertime, and the readin’ is easy… Now that the kids are out of school and the schedule’s a little more relaxed, we’ve had some time to check out a few good food reads that we wanted to share. Some of our recent favorites include: You Have No Idea You’re Eating…: You might want to check […]

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Hey – Where Are Those Nutrition Standards?

Did your kids watch a lot of TV during the holiday vacation? You might want to check in on what kind of ads they have been seeing, especially if they start wandering back to you with glazed eyes, asking for sugary cereals. Food marketing and advertising to kids is a $2 billion industry – and the […]

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Food News Round-Up

While we were shuttling kids back and forth to the doctor all week (don’t ask), the world apparently kept turning, and news kept being made. We wish we could have been among the news-makers, but how about the next best thing? We’ve got a little round-up here of some of the most interesting food and […]

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