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Fun Food Saturday: Pasta

Folks who are buried under snow have it pretty tough right now, but they have one thing those of us in L.A. don’t have: a great excuse to stay indoors and cook all day long. Fortunately, one of the best chefs we know, Chef Joe of Friday Night Out Catering in Philadelphia, took advantage of […]

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Fun Food Saturday: Granola

There are very few recipes that are more forgiving than granola. You can add just about anything, you can add too much of something, or you can forget an ingredient altogether and it’s still impossible to mess up. More likely you’ll just wind up inventing a nice new variation. That – and the fact that […]

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Fun Food Saturday: Marshmallows

Happy 2011! Ready to ring in the new year with one of the most fun foods on the planet? How about making your own marshmallows? We gave it a try over the holiday break (yes, we realize we won’t win any nutritional awards for this), and although the process itself wasn’t entirely kid-friendly, the results sure were. We […]

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Fun Food Saturday: Hot Chocolate

It’s COLD outside (no, really – here in Southern California it’s hovering in the mid-50s, which is almost unbearable for us thin-skinned folk) and that means it’s time to warm up with some good old-fashioned hot chocolate. Of course it’s one of the more sugary drinks – it helps if you consider it a dessert […]

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Fun Food Saturday: The Food Mill

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it’s time to make some serious quantities of cranberry sauce. Oddly enough, at our house it’s the not the end result that’s so popular, it’s the means of getting there. In other words, it’s our Foley food mill, not the cranberries, that keeps ’em coming back for […]

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Fun Food Saturday: Spooky Foods

Too bad Halloween is only once a year. Sure, we could do without the candy overload, but we’d happily make cute and spooky foods all year round if we could. We had considered focusing on just one or two treats for Fun Food Saturday, but there are just too many out there to narrow it […]

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