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Red Sauce, Yellow Sauce

If you’re just an average person roaming the supermarket aisles, looking for some kind of sauce to put on pasta, you’re pretty much going to be stuck with red sauce. But here’s something cool about living an unprocessed lifestyle: Your sauce doesn’t have to be red! It can be orange…or yellow…or whatever mix of tomatoes you and your neighbors or your local farmers have in their gardens.

At the moment, we have a red cherry tomato plant that’s going berserk in the Jolly Tomato backyard. We love cherry tomatoes, but honestly, you can only eat so many. We weren’t too sure about how well they would work if you boiled them down for sauce, but we were sure wrong about that. Cherry tomatoes yield an incredibly flavorful and full-bodied sauce. We also picked some lovely pear-shaped yellow cherry tomatoes at the farm last weekend, so we cooked those down too. The result? A velvety-smooth, slightly sweet sauce that’s a beautiful golden hue. (Dinner can’t come soon enough!)

Here’s our basic tomato sauce recipe. You can adjust quantities (or colors) however you see fit. Note: The yellow tomatoes cooked down much quicker than the red tomatoes (they seemed to be less watery), and the sauce was ready in under an hour. Bottom line: This pretty sauce is quick, easy, tasty – and certainly something you won’t find in your grocery store.

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