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“Mom, Can I Please Have More Salad?”

There’s a question you don’t hear too often. But why not? Vegetables (alright, the pureed kind) are often one of the first foods that kids eat. Then we offer them cooked vegetables that are easy to chew, and then crunchy vegetables like carrots and celery sticks. But salads can be so yummy – especially when they’re filled with crunchy goodies or sweet and savory dressings. So at what point do we offer them salad – or not?

Our two-year-old thieved a bite of our salad (Bibb lettuce with dried cherries, goat cheese, almonds, and raspberry vinaigrette) last night, chewed it thoughtfully, and then said those magic words: “Mom, can I please have some more salad?” And it occurred to us – why haven’t we offered him salad sooner? We cleared away some steamed vegetables from his plate to make room for a heaping of salad and watched him demolish it. Who knew? So let’s add that to the list of kid-friendly Foods They Will Actually Eat.

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