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Lethal lunches?

OK, so we know school lunches aren’t always the most nutritious, and there’s certainly an obesity problem in this country, but is it really a matter of national security? That’s what some retired military brass are saying. In a new report called “Too Fat to Fight,” they find that 9 million young adults (27 percent of Americans ages 17 to 24) are too fat to join the military.


The group is on Capitol Hill today to promote passage of the Child Nutrition Act. They’re hoping to get more nutritious foods in the schools and find new strategies to help kids develop healthy habits. Of course there are myriad other problems associated with childhood obesity, but it’s kind of an eye-opener to realize that it’s even causing the military to have trouble with recruitment.

Ironic side note: The Associated Press points out that this isn’t the first time the military has gotten into the school lunch fray. During World War II, we had the opposite problem, with too many young adults suffering from inadequate nutrition and stunted growth.

We say, if the military wants to get involved in this debate, more power to them. We love the fact that there’s some shock value in calling it a matter of national security. And who better than a bunch of generals to whip us all into shape?

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