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Holiday Food Fun/News Mash

It’s going to be a joyful weekend here in Jolly Tomato land, because we have Easter, Passover (yes, we observe both), a kid’s birthday, and an anniversary to celebrate. So in the spirit of holidays and celebrations, we’re combining our food news wrap with our Fun Food Saturday to create a special Holiday Food Fun/News mash-up.

First, in honor of Passover, Smithsonian’s Food and Think blog gives us A Gentile’s Guide to Keeping Kosher for Passover, and the New York Times explains the quinoa conundrum (is it kosher or not?). Fooducate gives us the lowdown on matzoh (“the world’s first-ever fast food”) and this cool little story  about what exactly is horseradish and how it got its name. Hankering for a cool recipe? How about this matzoh lasagna from the Family Kitchen?

For Easter, if your family is dying Easter eggs this year, think twice before you dye your eggs with those artificial colors. Tinker Lab has some great photos and examples of how you can decorate eggs with vegetable dyes. In our house, it wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns. We like this hot cross bun recipe (and the pictures) from the Pioneer Woman. Last but not least, if you need more fun Easter food ideas, check out this deviled egg bar from Martie Knows Parties (hat tip: Viking Ranges), as well as this adorable Cauliflower Easter Bunny from Green Halloween (hat tip: Eating a Rainbow).

Happy weekend to all!

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