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Get Your Kids to Eat Brussels Sprouts

Here’s some food for thought on getting your kids to eat their vegetables:

Approach #1: Plop some cooked Brussels sprouts down on their plates. “Here kids, eat this.” (“Eeeewww!”)

Approach #2: Pull out a large stalk of fresh Brussels sprouts (Thank you, Trader Joe’s). Ask one kid to help pull the sprouts off the stalks. The other kid is intrigued; he wants to do it too. Soon they are both focused on getting the Brussels sprouts ready for cooking. Kid #1: “I want to try these!” Kid #2: “Me too!”

Then cook them up (we used this recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Vinegar-Glazed Red Onions), from Martha Stewart) and let the taste-testing begin. (Reality check: So, OK, maybe they both didn’t come running back for seconds. But hey, they both ate some, and it seems like they had a pretty good time doing it.) Next experiment? Beets.

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