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Fun Food Saturday: Watermelon Carving

How cool are watermelons? Aside from being a delicious, refreshing treat, they’re just about the most carve-able fruit around. If you’ve got mad knife skills, you can literally carve one into anything under the sun. Oh, and hey – apparently July is National Watermelon Month, so we are just barely making it in time to be talking about this.

The National Watermelon Promotion Board (yes, there is a board for everything) has some useful tips for carving and some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing. When you’re ready to carve, start with a watermelon that is at room temperature, use a sharp knife with a point at the end, and cut off a thin slice on the bottom of the melon so that it remains stable on the cutting surface. For a quick first-time project, we love this little hedgehog because he’s so cute you just want to pinch him – er, well, you know what we mean – and he’s not that tough to carve either.

When you start feeling a little more confident about your carving skills, you can move on to something like this turtle. It looks like there’s a lot of elaborate cutting involved, but  it’s really just a matter of using the right tools (a channel knife or a good vegetable peeler) and keeping a steady hand. Fill in the cavity with watermelon balls and other seasonal fruits, and you’ve got yourself a cool little fruit salad.

Next, if you have Star Wars fans in the house like we do, you might be tempted to take on the Death Star watermelon, shown on Kuriositas. Too bad you have to destroy it to eat it – but maybe that’s the point. Do we need to carve a Watermelon X-Wing Fighter? (Star Wars experts, feel free to weigh in.)

When you finally start thinking that you’re the best watermelon carver around, get ready to be humbled. Watermelon carving is a revered art in many places around the world, and some true watermelon artists take the whole thing to extremes. We took this picture from a display at the Orange County Fair just to give you a sampling of the crazy, beautiful things that people make out of watermelon (and other sturdy fruits, for that matter). We’ve seen elaborate designs ranging from impossibly ornate flowers to a perfect watermelon rendering of Van Gogh’s self portrait.

Think you’re just as good? Then you should know that the What About Watermelon site has a watermelon carving contest that is open until August 31. Send in a picture of your best watermelon carving and you can win a maple carving board, a stainless steel watermelon knife, and a watermelon paper towel holder.

Oh, hey – and don’t forget – it’s not to late to leave a comment here to enter the drawing for a $50 gift certificate to Pear Tree Greetings.

Fun Food Saturday: Because food should be fun.



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