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Fun Food Saturday: Purple Feast

What’s more fun than one purple food? How about a whole meal made out of purple foods? We put that theory to the test this week when we hosted a purple feast for friends. The inspiration came from a favorite childhood memory of our uncle’s “purple” turkey (turkey roasted with plums), and a stroll through Whole Foods, where we saw the purple wild rice and the blue cornmeal. Next thing we knew, we were buying purple flowers and tablecloths to complete the whole picture. On the Purple Feast menu:

“Purple” turkey

Purple wild rice

Purple beet salad

Purple roasted potatoes

Purple cabbage

Purple (OK, blue) cornbread

Purple grapes

Purple blackberry cake

Even though it sounds like it might have been overkill, the whole meal wasn’t overwhelmingly purple. Even better, each of the six kids tried a little something new: Purple potatoes and purple rice were among the favorites. And we had absolutely no complaints about the purple blackberry cake for dessert (decorated here with the Hebrew letter “shin” for Shabbat — our Friday night dinner).

Fun Food Saturday: Because food should be fun.

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