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Fun Food Saturday: Fruit Soup

We love a good bowl of soup as much as the next person, but we sure don’t feel like cooking anything for hours over the stove in the summertime. When the heat starts to get us down, that means it’s time to turn to a nice, refreshing bowl of fruit soup. Many kids like fruit soup because it throws the whole idea of soup on its head (so to speak). It’s not hot, it’s cold; it’s not savory, it’s sweet; and it’s not the kind of thing you eat with a sweater on; it’s the kind of thing you eat in a swimsuit and flip-flops.

We got inspired to make some fruit soups after we saw this recipe for blackberry soup from the Family Kitchen blog on Babble. We had just been blackberry picking and we had far more berries than we could ever eat plain. Jaime notes that you could serve it warm if you wanted but cold was fine with us. We served it with cinnamon and sugar toasted pita chips and vanilla yogurt.

Next, we like this fruit soup from Food Network because we love the idea of using a half-melon for the bowl. You could serve it out of different kinds of melons or even a pineapple if you want to get a little crazy. Note: This recipe calls for 15 minutes of simmering on the stove – but that’s better than three or four hours, right?

Fruit soups are part of a traditional meal in a number of nationalities, from Danish to Persian. While exploring different international varieties, we stumbled upon this recipe for fruit gazpacho from Cheap Healthy Good. It’s a nice little twist on a more traditional tomato-based soup, and we love the little tang that the lime juice adds.

Some kids are less willing to try something that they don’t recognize (i.e. fruit pureed beyond recognition), so that’s why we like this chunky fruit soup from Splendid Table. It pushes the definition of soup a little bit – it’s more like a bowl of fruit with a sweet sauce – but we know some kids who would happily down a bowl of this no matter what we call it.

One final point of interest: While we were searching for new fruit soup ideas, we stumbled upon a recipe for fruit bat soup served in Palau. Yes, as in a fruit bat. Probably not something we’re going to spring on the kids this summer – but who knows, maybe next summer they’ll be more open-minded.

Fun food Saturday: Because food should be fun.

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