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Friday News Feed: Nov. 12

Maybe instead of “Friday News Feed” we should call it “The Parade of Bad News.” Sorry, folks: It’s just not pretty this week. At least let’s start with a positive spin: The American Dietetic Association has launched a new initiative called “Kids Eat Right.” As reported by Fooducate, the campaign has three goals: 1) mobilizing RDs to participate in their communities/schools; 2) educating families and children as well as policy makers on high quality nutritional foods; and 3) supporting the recommendations of the White House Childhood Obesity Task Force. We wish them all the best in this worthy venture.

Now they have their work cut out for them: A new study has found that many obese teens put on even more weight as young adults, as reported by USA Today. Among the findings: About three-quarters of severely obese teens remained that heavy at age 30.

Another new study finds that fast food ads are up for kids, despite industry pledges to limit the marketing of unhealthy food to kids, according to NPR. Researchers found that preschoolers are seeing 21 percent more ads for fast food, and older children are seeing 34 percent more compared with 2003.

And yet another new study – this time from the American Dietetic Association – finds that kids are snacking frequently but are skipping breakfast and dinner – meals that contain nutrients that are crucial to their health and development.

On the fast-food front, Taco Bell has been quietly testing low-sodium versions of its food (23 percent less sodium) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and no one has noticed (via Fooducate). Talk about having a lot of salt to being with…

Next, in an effort to appeal to ‘foodies,’ Wendy’s is offering a new line of french fries made from potatoes with the skin on and topped with sea salt (via Zester Daily). Problem is, these new fries will have 42 percent more sodium (from 350 mg to 500 mg).

OK, now that we’re totally depressed, here’s a little ray of hope: Share Our Strength has just launched its No Kid Hungry campaign. So far, more than 17,000 people have taken the pledge to support the campaign. What can you do? Click here for more info. As their new spokesman Jeff Bridges says, “Ending childhood hunger is patriotic!”

Happy Friday to all!

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