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Friday Food News Wrap: March 18

We’re seeing green this week, with a rash of St. Patrick’s Day stories and with spring just around the corner. Want some green in your diet? Take a look at Jolly Tomato’s St. Patrick’s Day WITHOUT Food Coloring story before you reach for those artificial colors. Also check out Food with Kid Appeal, which has even more great ideas for getting some dye-free green treats into your kids’ diets.

Green Treats: Can’t get enough green? Try this guacummus (guacamole hummus) from Rebecca Scritchfield, this spinach and artichoke dip from Kids Eat Right, or this Irish colcannon (a.k.a. Dino-Mash, in honor of the kale and potatoes in the recipe) from Kim O’Donnel’s Family Kitchen in USA Today.

ADHD Diet: In other news, a new study out of the Netherlands finds that diet may help ADHD symptoms more than medication, reports NPR. The researchers estimate that 64 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD are actually experiencing a hypersensitivity to food.

Obesity Study: The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture has awarded the University of Michigan a $4.9 million grant to study reducing obesity rates among preschool children, according to the Detroit Free Press. The study will be based on the idea that enhancing a child’s ability to control certain emotions and behaviors is part of obesity prevention.

Kids’ Nutrition Myths: Do all kids need multivitamins? Is it better for them to take a few bites of healthy food than none at all? Read up on these and other kids’ nutrition myths from Raise Healthy Eaters.

Eating Right: So what can parents (and pediatricians) do to get their kids to eat right? Check out this thoughtful post from Just the Right Byte. (Hint: Enjoy good food.)

Organic Rap: It’s not every CEO who is willing to make a rap video. We were incredibly amused (and amazed) to watch Stonyfield Yogurt’s Gary Hirshberg rapping with the “Stonyfield moms” on why we should eat organic.

Bake Sale for Japan: Last but not least, on a more somber note, a group of professional and amateur bakers and food types are banding together to do a massive “Bake Sale for Japan” on April 2. Check out the site and see if there’s anything you (and your kids) can do to help this worthy cause.

Happy Friday to all!

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