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Friday Food News Wrap: March 10

We celebrated International Pancake Day this week, followed by Mardi Gras, followed by the beginning of Lent, and many of us have sugar consumption (or lack of it) on our minds. Did you know, for instance, that even though soft drinks are banned in the L.A. schools, kids can still choose a breakfast that contains more sugar than soda? That would be Frosted Flakes, chocolate milk, coffee cake, and orange juice (53 grams of sugar) compared with a 12-oz. can of Coke (39 grams of sugar), according to the L.A. Times, which calls on the LAUSD to regulate overall sugar intake. We’re getting the shakes just thinking about it.

French School Lunch: Meanwhile, what are kids eating for lunch at schools in France? Feast your eyes on this menu of fillet of salmon with lemon sauce, thinly sliced organic endives, and lentil salad with hard-boiled egg. The four-course meals begin with salad or soup, include a cheese course, and end with a fruit selection on most days. We’ll have what they’re having.

Kool-Aid Tongue: In other sugar news, Fooducate reports on a new Kool-Aid “Bring Back the Fun” ad campaign that features kids with brightly colored tongues. Uh…First of all, Kool-Aid has 5 grams of sugar per cup, and the artificial coloring makes it even worse. Our advice? Stick with water or milk and let your kids have “fun” in other ways.

Cap’n Crunch Lives: Did you hear the rumor that Quaker Oats is killing off Cap’n Crunch cereal? Not true, says the company. The sugary cereal icon is here to stay. So it’s still our job (parents) to decide whether or not it gets a place at the breakfast table.

School Lunch Recipe: Michelle Obama’s Recipes for Healthy Kids competition has narrowed down 340 healthy school lunch recipes to just 15 finalists, according to USA Today. You can vote for your favorite recipe at http://recipesforkidschallenge.com .

Cartoon Characters: Another study finds that when kids see familiar and favorite characters from cartoons or movies on food packaging, they tend to like that food more, as reported by Time magazine. But the “good” news is that if you stick Elmo on broccoli, kids are more likely to choose it. In our house we probably need some Lego cauliflower.

Happy Birthday, Jolly Tomato: Hey, did you know we just celebrated our first birthday? Thanks for all of your support this year. In case you haven’t had enough sugar yet today, check out our mom’s recipe for Massive Chocolate Cake (serves 40 to 50).

Happy Friday to all!

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