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Friday Food News “Wrap”

We’ve been out of the loop this week because we spent a few days unplugged in Amish farm country. After hearing and reading about so many dairy mega-businesses, it’s a treat to see some simple, old-style family farms with cows grazing happily in the pastures. Those cows sure make some good milk, not to mention the best ice cream we’ve ever had. Stop by the Strasburg Creamery sometime if you don’t believe us.

Anyhow, we’ve got an eclectic assortment of news from this week:

Low-Fat Milk: Mississippi public schools are shifting from 2 percent to 1 percent milk for their lunch offerings. This seemingly slight change will result in a whopping 71,841,000 fewer grams of fat consumed by public school children, according to the Clarion-Ledger.

Allergies Misdiagnosed?: A BBC story reports that in Great Britain, doubts are being raised about the sharp rise in food allergies among children. One health watchdog group is now suggesting that up to one in five self-diagnosed cases are inaccurate.

“Prescription Produce”: The New York Times reports that doctors at three health centers in Massachusetts have begun advising patients to eat “prescription produce” from local farmers’ markets, in an effort to fight obesity in children of low-income families. They are giving coupons amounting to $1 a day for each member of a patient’s family to promote healthy meals.

Pesticide Risk Underestimated?: A new study shows how seasonality plays a large role in kids exposure to toxic pesticides, as reported by Grist. Kids may experience seasonal spikes in exposure levels (in apple season, they eat a lot of apples and thus higher levels of organophosphates, for example) which means that the residue levels considered safe may need to be rethought.

Garden Grants: Obama Foodorama shares the news that the Food and Nutrition Service is inviting public and non-profit organizations to submit applications for a grant competition to create community gardens in high-poverty schools. Applications will be accepted through October 8.

100 Ways to Use A Tomato: Got tomatoes? Endless Simmer has come up with a list of 100 ways to use up that summer favorite, the tomato. It’s one of our favorite graphic illustrations of the summer. Can you possibly stare at those pictures without your mouth watering?

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