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Friday Food News Round-Up

OK, we’re really going to have to come up with a better name for the Friday food news round-up than “Friday Food News Round-Up.” We’re open to any and all suggestions. Anyway, another round of great news stories crossed our desk this week. Take a look:

Apps for Healthy Kids: The USDA has officially unveiled the entries for their contest to create mobile applications to encourage kids to eat healthy foods and exercise (part of Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move campaign).  We hopped on over to a popular app called LunchLine, which made us feel pretty embarrassed about our food choices (we got a D+ the first time through). Regardless, it was fun and useful – we had no idea we were eating so much than we needed from the “grains” category. (Leftover pasta, anyone?)

Recognizing Weight Problems: A new study in the July/August issue of Academic Pediatrics finds that a significant number of parents whose children are overweight don’t know that their kids are overweight. However, when parents were made aware of their children’s weight problems, they made significant steps toward improving their diet and lifestyle.

Food Dyes: Are food dyes safe for your kids? Maya the R.D. has a great rundown of what’s known about the effects of all of the different food dyes. Bottom line, she says, be practical. “Don’t deprive them of birthday cakes, but pass on the Gatorade.” That sounds like a good rule to us.

Too Good to be True?: Nestle has been forced to drop the claims that its Boost Kid Essentials probiotic drink is so good for children that it can keep them from getting colds and missing school. According to the New York Times, the Federal Trade Commission found that the ads were deceptive and Nestle agreed to stop making those claims.

Nutrition Powerhouses: From Parenting by way of CNN, we have a list of ten “nutrition powerhouses” for kids. We were surprised and curious to see cocoa (for its high concentration of flavonoids) and cinnamon (for its ability to help regulate blood sugar) make the top ten. Those two, along with the top-ranked blueberries, should make for some interesting pancakes tomorrow morning…

Happy Friday to all!

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