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Friday Food News Feed: September 3

Are we really going to talk about chocolate milk and eggs again? Why, yes – You got a problem with that? First things first: We hope you got a chance to catch Jolly Tomato in the Huffington Post this week writing about the chocolate milk debate. We found it interesting that the chocolate milk campaign got turned up just in time for kids to head back to school. Hmmmm…

On the egg recall front, once again we like the Wall Street Journal’s comprehensive egg recall update. Currently one of the farms and its feed supplier are each suggesting the other is the problem. Go figure. For a real condemnation of industrial egg production, see this “Cleaning the Henhouse” op-ed by Nicholas M. Kristof in the New York Times. And in case you’ve been wondering how fresh your eggs are, try this test from Foodimentary: Immerse the egg in a pan of cool salted water. If it sinks; it’s fresh. If it floats; throw it away.

On to more (or maybe less) appealing topics:

Obesity Underestimated: With the launch of National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, scientists say the problem may be even more widespread than was previously thought, according to Medical News Today. Researchers have found that parents tend to underreport their children’s weight, to such extent that reports miss one in five obese children.

Clean Kitchens: USA Today reports on a small study done in L.A. County indicating that one in seven home kitchens would fail the health inspections routinely administered to restaurants. Time to go back to basics: Keeping meat properly refrigerated and then cooking it thoroughly, washing fruits and vegetables, and keeping hands and counters clean.

Organic Strawberries: The LA Times reports on a new study showing that organic strawberries had higher concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C, survived longer without rotting, and did better on taste tests than their conventional counterparts. It’s worth noting, however, that the organic strawberries were lower in potassium and phosphorus.

School Salad Bars: Whole Foods has been busy raising money to put 300 free salad bars in schools; now they’re ready to open up the application process for schools that want one. See here for more details on how to apply (or contribute) to the project.

Local or Conventional?: In case you didn’t know much about the locavore-versus-industrial-foods debate, the Chicago Tribune has a great primer. Bias revealed: We prefer local.

Food Label Lesson: Last but not least, Fooducate gives us a great food label lesson with a look at Chef Boyardee’s Whole Grain Beefaroni. The “whole grain” version has the same amount of fiber, plus five more additives than the original version. Read those labels carefully, folks.

Happy Friday!

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