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Friday Food News Feed: Sept. 24

It’s still September, which means it’s still Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Seems that the news on this country-wide scourge doesn’t seem to stop. If you want to join the network for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Center to Prevent Childhood Obesity (or if you want to see who’s in the network) click here for a handy map.

And there’s more:

Virus Causing Obesity: A new study (via the Wall Street Journal) has found a possible link between obesity and a type of virus, providing evidence that factors other than diet and exercise may be contributing to the epidemic. The virus, known as adenovirus 36, was found in 19 of 124 children studied; 15 of those 19 children were obese.

Bariatric Surgery: A new study shows that bariatric surgery continues to gain popularity among obese adolescents as a way to lose and maintain weight, as reported by Healthy Children. (These procedures are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in children, by the way.)

Free Drinking Water: California legislators are poised to pass a bill that would require students to offer drinking water at no charge to students. Some 40 percent of California school districts surveyed did not have free water available to students at lunchtime.

No Chocolate Milk: The Florida Board of Education is moving ahead with a plan that would make it the first state to ban chocolate milk in schools. After consulting with experts, they will take up the issue in December.

Genetically Modified Salmon: After two days of hearings, the FDA still has not ruled on whether genetically modified salmon are safe for consumers. However, even if it is approved, the FDA may not require labeling it as such.

Xanthan Gum?: This helpful post from Fooducate explains the what and why of that mysterious yet ever-present ingredient, xanthan gum.

Got Milk?: This helpful quiz from Lil Sugar allows you to assess your knowledge of milk storage and safety.

Got Millet?: This helpful article (if we do say so ourselves) from Jolly Tomato explains what millet is and how you can use it.

Good Causes: If you eat out tonight or tomorrow at any of thousands of participating restaurants, you’ll be contributing to Share Our Strength’s Great American Dine Out/No Kid Hungry Event. Click here to find a participating restaurant. If you miss that chance, don’t forget that next Monday (September 27) is Family Day: A Day to Eat Dinner With Your Children. Either way, enjoy good meals with your family.

Happy Friday!

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