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Friday Food News Feed: Sept. 17

Does the term “corn sugar” mean anything to you? If not, you may have missed one of the biggest food news stories of the week. The Corn Refiners Association has decided it is tired of getting bashed about “high fructose corn syrup,” so they have petitioned the FDA to change the name of HFCS to the more natural-sounding “corn sugar.” (Apparently American’s consumption of corn syrup has fallen to a new low, based on consumer fears that it is harmful or causes obesity.) Many activists are outraged about the proposed change; but some respected food sources say it won’t make a difference. Nutrition professor Marion Nestle and Center for Science in the Public Interest director Michael Jacobson both told the New York Times that the new name was probably more accurate, scientifically speaking.

The question is, will it make a difference? Michelle Simon of Appetite for Profit writes that while we wring our hands over a single ingredient, food manufacturers are making foods that are loaded with sugar seem somehow healthier. “The trouble with how Americans eat is not because of high-fructose corn syrup any more than it was trans fat, or any other single ingredient in the food supply,” she writes. “…[T]he real issue is how Americans are eating too much highly-processed food, period.”

Speaking of sugar…

Pushing Gatorade: The Wall Street Journal visits Gatorade headquarters, where a team of staffers monitor social-media posts 24/7 to watch for mentions of Gatorade and to “encourage” high school athletes.

Sugary Cereals: Fooducate breaks down the label on Total Plus Omega 3 cereal and gives us the alarming news that it has more sugar than Froot Loops.

Candy in Moderation?: Hershey’s (yes, that Hershey’s) now has a site called “Moderation Nation” that aims to help you with moderate eating and lifestyle habits, and will connect you with an R.D. if you need one.

School Lunches: Seems like kids have less and less time for lunch these days. Don’t miss Jolly Tomato’s take on it, as well as a good discussion over at Parent Hacks.

Corporate Organics: If you want to see a great illustration of who owns which organic food companies, check out this visual from the Cornucopia Institute.

Fresh Pantry: MSNBC/Prevention has a great story on how pantry staple can lose nutrients after months in your storage. Example: The potency of antioxidants in olive oil declined 40% after 6 months.

Team Colors: Last but not least, we love this idea by Rev it UP! Fitness: Support your favorite team this fall by eating their colors. Our local high school team is green and gold, so we’re off to find some spinach and Yukon gold potatoes at the farmers’ market for tonight.

Happy Friday!

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