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Friday Food News Feed: Oct. 29

In case you’ve been trapped under an enormous pumpkin for a few weeks, you probably know that there’s a little holiday coming up called Halloween. And kids eat a lot of not-so-good foods on Halloween. And kids’ nutrition writers are working overtime to come up with all sorts of ways to make the holidays healthier, or else come up with strategies for moderation. So yeah, there’s a lot of Halloween food news this week. Where to start…

If you’d like to¬†kick off the weekend¬†with an orange meal, you’ll have to try this Orangest of Orange Pumpkin Curry from Cute and Delicious. It features pumpkin, sweet potatoes, orange cauliflower, and curry powder (and it’s vegan too!). Sounds yummy – will your kids eat it too?

If you’re looking for gluten-free treats, Red Tricycle Moms has a nice list. Also for your consideration, MSNBC features some organic Halloween treats. And if you’re wondering if any of these taste any good, Huffington Post did a kids’ taste test of organic Halloween candy (surprise ending: no candy was left untouched).

If you want to get your Halloween party into high gear without food dyes or food colorings, Jolly Tomato has a roundup of brightly colored party foods that you can make with natural ingredients. Hint: Think brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

On the other hand, if you’re curious about just how much candy other kids eat, you may be interested in this Kids Talk About: Halloween Candy article from KidsHealth. Curiously, half of the 1,200 kids interviewed said they had no limits on how much candy they could eat, yet just 20 percent said they eat ALL of their candy.

And last, if you are overly worried about candy on Sunday, maybe it’s time to relax. The New York Times has a story about Dr. Samira Kawash, the “Candy Professor,” who tries to inject a little reality into parental worries about candy. After all, she says, why worry about the sugar in candy if you’re feeding your kids chocolate-chip energy bars and Gatorade? Food for thought.

Happy Friday to all!

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