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Friday Food News Feed: Dec. 10

We’re still spinning over here from the ramifications of the passage of the landmark Child Nutrition Reauthorization bill, so we’re glad to be able to talk about it for at least one more week. Most significantly, President Obama plans to sign it on Monday, December 13 (via Obama Foodorama).

But despite all of the hoopla surrounding the passage of the bill, there are still plenty of folks who think it doesn’t quite do enough. As Fooducate points out, it amounts to an additional six cents per school lunch, which doesn’t add up to much, considering that the cheapest foods (sugars and fats) are those we want kids to avoid. Plus, as Ed Bruske writes in Grist, the bill will force schools to shell out more money for exactly the kinds of foods that kids don’t want to eat (think over-boiled and canned vegetables). Then there’s that little issue about cutting the increase in SNAP (food stamp) benefits.

So after all that, what exactly are our lawmakers eating? According to the New York Times, they feast primarily on junk food. Clearly we’re going to have to keep an eye on this situation.

Marketing Promises: In other news, the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity has launched a new database that tracks promises made by food manufacturers regarding marketing to children. Will the manufacturers keep their promises? We’ll be watching.

Food Pyramid Redesign: If you’re truly not sure about what to feed your kids, it might be because the USDA’s Food Pyramid is too confusing. With that thought in mind, check out some ideas in a contest for re-designing the food pyramid, as submitted to GOOD.

Winter Fruits: Speaking of healthy foods, if you know you want to feed your kids fresh fruits but you’re not sure what’s best in winter, check out this handy-dandy guide from Eating Well on The Best Winter Fruit for Your Buck (via Huffington Post). Hint: Think citrus.

Parental Influence: And just when you think you’re the one who decides how your kid will eat, a new Johns Hopkins study, shared by the L.A.Times,  shows that parental influence over eating habits is weakening in the face of all of the other food influences surrounding your kids.

Gingerbread Contest: And last, if the holidays have put you in cookie-making mode, you might want to check out (and/or enter) this gingerbread contest from Food.com . You can enter in the “house” or “cookie” category. Someone has even gone ahead and made a gingerbread Taj Mahal – talk about over-achievers…

Happy Friday to all!

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