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Food News Round-Up

While we were shuttling kids back and forth to the doctor all week (don’t ask), the world apparently kept turning, and news kept being made. We wish we could have been among the news-makers, but how about the next best thing? We’ve got a little round-up here of some of the most interesting food and nutrition stories to cross our desk this week:

“Food Insecurity”: We spend a lot of time talking about nutrition choices, assuming that parents have a choice. But let’s not forget that in many households, food is hard to come by. Feeding America has just come out with a report showing that Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona lead the country in “food insecurity” for children, meaning that the children are living in households where food does not reliably come to their tables three times a day, every day. In those three states, food insecurity is nearly at 25 percent. Food for thought indeed.

Picky Grownups: Are grownups picky eaters too? The Wall Street Journal reports that researchers at Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh have launched the first national public registry of picky eating, which will allow people to log in and report on their unusual eating preferences and habits. Doctors also hope the effort will spur the development of improved treatment techniques for adult picky eaters. (The registry can be found online at the Finicky Eating in Adults study link.)

Parenting Pitfalls: Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, one of our favorite RDs who writes at Raise Healthy Eaters, gives us “10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Feeding Picky Eaters.” Among the great tips: Don’t over-praise them for eating vegetables (makes them think they’re doing some sort of chore) and don’t label them as “picky eaters.” Guilty! We’re guilty over here! But we promise to try and do better.

Kids and Ads: The Centers for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration are working on “Tentative Proposed Standards for Marketing Foods to Children” that would include, among other things, a ban on marketing to children foods that contain excessive amounts of added sugars, fats, and sodiums. As a July 15 deadline approaches, we are waiting to see whether these recommendations will see the light of day.

World Cup Food: Hey – there were some soccer games going on this week, right? Looks like it’s going to be Spain and the Netherlands. Luckily, the Chew on That blog got right to work and came up with a great menu featuring both Spanish and Dutch cuisine. Yum! Do we have to choose?

Happy Friday to all.

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