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Cook it Yourself!

Do you need any more reminders that it’s healthier and more economical to cook at home rather than eating out? Well, here’s a good one. Our friend Andrew Wilder at Eating Rules has written a wonderful “In Defense of Cooking” post that is a must-read for parents who want to create healthier meals for their kids. One of his main points is something we been reminded of over and over again when we look at food products marketed to kids: We care about our kids’ health; restaurants and food manufacturers care about us buying their product, again and again.

Yes, it can be hard to cook fancy meals all the time. But you can make healthy foods in a short time. Exhibit A: The picture above is from a recent weeknight; we all got home late from work and camp, but we just threw a bunch of veggies on the grill to eat with fresh fish. Simple, fast, fresh, and healthy – it doesn’t take much.

Under-confident in the kitchen? Don’t have enough time to do the planning?  Andrew gives a plug to The Fresh 20, the creation of another friend, Melissa Lanz. This meal-planning service gives you weekly meal plans for five healthy family dinners, using just 20 ingredients. Fresh 20 gives you the grocery list and cooking instructions, and all you have to do it put it together. You can even pick classic, vegetarian, and gluten-free plans. Now you’ve got no excuse, even if you haven’t done much in the kitchen before.

So get cooking!


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