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Ask Michelle Obama

Ask Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign is gearing up to celebrate its second anniversary – and now you have a chance to ask her your questions about it. If you have a burning question for the First Lady on her campaign to get kids to stay active and eat healthy foods – or if you have […]

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Hunger Challenge Day 7

Hunger Challenge Day 7

As of today, the Hunger Challenge has drawn to a close in our household, much to everyone’s relief. We closed out the week with a large pot of slow-cooked vegetarian chili, which was tasty, but it pretty much proved that everyone is tired of meals that are pumped up with copious amounts of tomatoes, carrots, […]

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Hunger Challenge Day 6

We are nearing the home stretch of the Hunger Challenge, and the end will certainly be a relief. But at the same time, this challenge has been oddly satisfying. When you have to make do with what you have, and find ways to make the most of your little bits and pieces, it really gets […]

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Hunger Challenge Day 5

OK, so remember that $8.99 chicken we roasted one night, and then chopped it up the next night for tacos? We are still not willing to let that chicken go until we get every last possible morsel out of it. That’s why I spent a few hours today cooking it down and making it into […]

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Hunger Challenge Day 3

OK, as predicted, I was way too confident yesterday. Today, the Hunger Challenge got a whole lot more complicated. 1) I came into contact with other food, and I caved. Mr. Jolly Tomato, who had a work meeting for lunch (I will subtract $1.57 from the total grocery allotment for his meal), brought home a bunch […]

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Hunger Challenge Day 2

Is it possible to get cocky on Day 2 of the Hunger Challenge? Yes indeed. I don’t know what the rest of the week holds, but I had to pat myself on the back today for outstanding use of available resources. Either I’m off to a good start or I’m setting myself up for an […]

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