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A New Pinterest

Follow Me on PinterestAfter months of being told I really need to be on Pinterest, I finally dove in. And it is So. Much. Fun.

Want to see a few of my boards? Check out:

Cool Snack IdeasĀ for Kids

Weird and Wacky Salads

Food That Makes Me Smile – Maybe Even Laugh

and my newest project, Power Cookies

Got some suggestions for my boards? Want me to follow you? Need an invite to Pinterest? Let me know and we can…er…pin together. Or something like that.

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One Response to A New Pinterest

  1. amee January 24, 2012 at 9:47 pm #

    omg Pinterest is a time-vacuum. Just when we need more time, something comes by to remove more of it! ps – i like your board names. they aren’t super broad like mine!!!

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