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Fun Food Saturday: Crazy Ice

We’re going to stretch the definition of “food” a little bit here today to bring you some fun stuff that’s cool and refreshing and doesn’t involve any ovens or grills. We’re talking about ice – and not just the clear stuff that comes in boring old cubes. This time we’re looking at ice that makes […]

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Friday Food News Feed

Here at JollyTomato headquarters, we’re reading lots of fascinating food news every week… and we’re still trying to come up with a good name for our weekly news round-up. We’re going to go with Friday Food News “Feed” today and see how it goes.  So without further ado, we give you some of the most […]

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Hot off the Presses at Huffington Post

If you like reading Jolly Tomato here (and we know you do, right?), you’ll love seeing Jolly Tomato over at Huffington Post. We have a column up today on “urban homesteading” and our struggle to find jam jars. You can read all about it here. Thanks for looking!

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Fun Food Saturday: Spaghetti Ice Cream

It’s hot everywhere, and you probably don’t feel like being in the kitchen, so we won’t keep you too long. But we did want to give you an opportunity to have some ice-cold food fun before you head out to the pool. Today we’re serving spaghetti. That’s right, just a few days after we declared […]

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Friday Food News Round-Up

OK, we’re really going to have to come up with a better name for the Friday food news round-up than “Friday Food News Round-Up.” We’re open to any and all suggestions. Anyway, another round of great news stories crossed our desk this week. Take a look: Apps for Healthy Kids: The USDA has officially unveiled […]

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Why is your pasta so…boring?

What does pasta night mean at your house? Spaghetti? That’s OK; it’s just kinda…boring. Spaghetti is more or less just a bunch of straight lines, really. You can do better than that. And even if you’re not sure you can do better than that, at least you can count on Jolly Tomato (with not one […]

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Fun Food Saturday: Snack For Dinner

Fun Food Saturday: Snack For Dinner

It’s the middle of summer, and we’re all sweltering through the hottest days of the year (well, actually, it’s in the low 60s here in L.A., but roll with us on this). No one wants to go in the kitchen, let alone stay in the kitchen long enough to bake a chicken pot pie or […]

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