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Friday Food News Feed: September 3

Are we really going to talk about chocolate milk and eggs again? Why, yes – You got a problem with that? First things first: We hope you got a chance to catch Jolly Tomato in the Huffington Post this week writing about the chocolate milk debate. We found it interesting that the chocolate milk campaign […]

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…And More Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk: We just can’t seem to leave it alone. In case you can’t get enough either, here’s the Jolly Tomato on The Great Chocolate Milk Debate in today’s Huffington Post. Enjoy.

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Fun Food Saturday: Crazy PB & J

We did a little calculation earlier this week and it’s embarrassing to say, but we estimate we’ve made about 800 peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches so far as parents. Oh, and our kids are only 3 and 6 years old (yes, someone in the mix is a picky eater). We’ve tried a few variations like raisin bread (oooh […]

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Friday Food News Wrap: August 27

Seems like the chocolate milk debate was all over the news this week, or at least it was in our little corner of the world. Of course we’re biased, but we’d like to point out that Jolly Tomato had a pretty good wrap-up on the issue. Oh, and remember the egg recall? That’s still going […]

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The Great Chocolate Milk Debate

Chocolate milk – thumbs up or thumbs down? We’re hearing so much on both sides of the issue we’re starting to think chocolate milk is the high fructose corn syrup of 2010. Call it a tempest in a sippy-cup: On one side are the people who say that kids aren’t going to choose milk otherwise, […]

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Fun Food Saturday: Fruit Soup

We love a good bowl of soup as much as the next person, but we sure don’t feel like cooking anything for hours over the stove in the summertime. When the heat starts to get us down, that means it’s time to turn to a nice, refreshing bowl of fruit soup. Many kids like fruit […]

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Friday Food News Wrap: August 20

Another Friday and lots more food news to report. One of the biggest stories we’ve seen this week (especially for our fellow Californians) is the egg recall, which appears to be growing. (380 million eggs are under recall at this point.) This LA Times story has a good summary of which eggs to look out […]

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