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Archive | June, 2011


Food News Wrap: July 1

As we head into the holiday weekend, we’re thinking all about healthy summer eats for kids. Some of the most troubling things we’ve read this week have come out of the Childhood Obesity Conference, including the fact that the average teen sees five fast food ads per day, and the average preschooler sees more than 1000 fast food […]

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Fun Food: Rambutan

What on earth has landed on our dinner table? No, it’s not an alien invasion; it’s the beginning of rambutan season. The rambutan (also known as “hairy cherry”) is a beautiful, otherworldly tropical fruit that could scare off just about anyone who didn’t know what sweet pleasures lie beneath its bristly exterior. The taste of […]

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Food News Wrap: June 24

School’s out – finally – and it’s time to think about how we are going to be nourishing our kids over the summer. Will it be a fresh, farm-picked fruits-and-veggies kind of summer? Or will it be more about the soda, chips, and fries? We started asking ourselves this question after we saw today’s New York […]

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Olive Affair

Olives are one of those foods that can go either way with kids. Some kids find them too salty; others (like ours) cannot get enough. We’ve taken to stashing the olives on the highest shelf of the fridge because once our kids get started they can’t stop. At snacktime, olives can be a tasty way […]

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Fun Food: Grilled Fruit

So it’s Father’s Day, and of course your natural reaction is to toss a whole bunch of meat on the grill. But what if instead of (or alongside of) all of that meat, you filled up your grill with…fruit? Grilled fruit is incredibly tasty, a real crowd-pleaser, and best of all it’s just about the […]

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Food News Wrap: June 17

After a brief hiatus from the news business (moving will do that to you) we are back with a doozy of a week in kids’ food news. Did you hear that L.A. schools have voted to eliminate flavored milk as of July 1? They are the biggest school district in the country to do so […]

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